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Welcometo my Crown Caps.

Collect crown caps is a big hobby of mine.With this site ...

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» About Myself,

About Myself

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» How it began?
How it began

In 1995 while swimming with my family my children started collecting caps. Soon they had around 50 different caps, I assisted them to sort en store them. After the summer my children lost their interest and the caps landed at the attic.

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» My Collection

My Collection on Foam Plates

Here you see a picture of my crown caps collection, in total i have 9500 different caps stored at around 65 foam plates. The caps are stoared on alphabetic order. I collect ...

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I am always willing to trade caps and I will always react on mails or questions. For trading please send a mail with some scans of your ...

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Beer glasses

  • For collectors i also have some glases of different beer brands wich i can trade for caps. The brands are: - Grolsch 7 - Heineken 3 - Hertog Jan 2 - Hoegaarden 1 - Guinniss 1 - Quelchouffe 1

Beer bottles

  • Also i have in my collection several beer bottles of different brands wich i am willing to trade for crown caps.

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